• This was one of the last shots we took and it’s my absolute favorite. It was perfect because the inspiration was a simple converse shot of a girl with cons around her neck and we remixed it or evolved it to something new and different. When I began shooting that step of remixing or evolving and inspiration was pretty impossible for me. But from continuing to push and shooting an insane amount of times that vision or art or whatever you want to call it is happening. Not that it’s any easier to achieve but I push myself much harder to do so.

    Thanks Lexi Scotti scottysaysrelax for pushing with me
    Shot by erikumphery

  • Love this portrait of these two amazing women Catherine Gontran + Vanessa Jamison 

    Shot in my building while they were in the middle of remodeling the hallway. It just happened that in the raw wall served as the perfect background for what I needed.

  • A quick snap from the LA Marathon last month at the 13mile point 

  • Erykah Badu 

    One of the many images I was able to shoot of Erykah Badu for Black Girls Rock. It was the second time I had the opportunity to work with Ms. Badu and she is always amazing to create with. 

    Shot by Erik Umphery

  • Practice under the lights with UCLA Woman’s Lacrosse Team 

    Started a personal project shooting UCLA women’s lacrosse team. It has been a really great experience shooting the team. I decided to shoot the team to continue building my sports portfolio.  Since I’ve began my journey in this creative world one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is you have to create your own opportunities. And as you begin creating you own opportunities doors will open. 

  • This year I’m going to make it a point to send out marketing material on a regular basis to past and potentially new clients. Nothing over the top just a quick recap of what I’ve been shooting both assignments and personal projects.  

    This was my newsletter from the first quarter. Planning to put together my second quarter newsletter towards the end of April. 

  • Jordan Hardy UNLV Track Star  

    I had one free evening while I was in Las Vegas last week and instead of hanging by the pool or blowing my money on the tables I reached out to Jordan, who I did not know prior to this trip and thankfully she was down to shoot. 

    This image is one of my favorites from the shoot. I’ll be posting more in the coming days.

  • Just wanted to share some images I shot down in Palos Verdes with Jen 

  • Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland and Beyonce

    Shot by Erik Umphery

  • Apps I'm Loving

    Just wanted to share some apps I’ve been using lately that I absolutely love: 


    DAY 1 - it’s a journaling app, that syncs across all my Apple platforms (iPhone, iPad, macbook, desktop) so whatever screen I have access to I can journal. I recently started journaling again and this app makes it easy and simple to use. I can also add images, locations, and time. 


    DIRECT MAIL - This app is for my business. It allows me to send HTML emails, which are essential when sending out e-campaigns of my work to current and potential clients. The app provides tracking of the emails, so you can see who has opened the emails and what links they have clicked. They offer different pricing options depending on your needs and budget. 


    FREELANCER - This is a online community of freelancers that I use for all my web-design needs. The set-up is fairly simple, you create a proposal, post it for the online community to bid on and select the freelancer you think is the best fit for your project/budget. The freelancers are located all over the world so, as soon as you post a project you start to receive multiple bids. The last project I posted at 1am, and had a freelancer working on the project by 2:30am. The project was complete in 24hrs. 


    EVERNOTE - This is probably my favorite app and I pretty much use this for any and everything. If I’m putting together a creative brief, a call sheet, storyboard, timeline, goals, etc… you name it I do it on evernote. The thing I love about the app is the ability to create documents, send out a link to that document, and if I need to make modifications to the document the only thing the person with the original link has to do is refresh there screen to see it. 


    DROPBOX - This is my file sharing, cloud storage, backup drive. I have 2 computer, so I want access to my updated files on both units, so I set-up dropbox as the drive to store them on. Now, no matter what unit I am using I always have the correct file. I also use dropbox to send my clients the proofs and final images. I pretty much transfer everything on dropbox except money.