• Apps I'm Loving

    Just wanted to share some apps I’ve been using lately that I absolutely love: 


    DAY 1 - it’s a journaling app, that syncs across all my Apple platforms (iPhone, iPad, macbook, desktop) so whatever screen I have access to I can journal. I recently started journaling again and this app makes it easy and simple to use. I can also add images, locations, and time. 


    DIRECT MAIL - This app is for my business. It allows me to send HTML emails, which are essential when sending out e-campaigns of my work to current and potential clients. The app provides tracking of the emails, so you can see who has opened the emails and what links they have clicked. They offer different pricing options depending on your needs and budget. 


    FREELANCER - This is a online community of freelancers that I use for all my web-design needs. The set-up is fairly simple, you create a proposal, post it for the online community to bid on and select the freelancer you think is the best fit for your project/budget. The freelancers are located all over the world so, as soon as you post a project you start to receive multiple bids. The last project I posted at 1am, and had a freelancer working on the project by 2:30am. The project was complete in 24hrs. 


    EVERNOTE - This is probably my favorite app and I pretty much use this for any and everything. If I’m putting together a creative brief, a call sheet, storyboard, timeline, goals, etc… you name it I do it on evernote. The thing I love about the app is the ability to create documents, send out a link to that document, and if I need to make modifications to the document the only thing the person with the original link has to do is refresh there screen to see it. 


    DROPBOX - This is my file sharing, cloud storage, backup drive. I have 2 computer, so I want access to my updated files on both units, so I set-up dropbox as the drive to store them on. Now, no matter what unit I am using I always have the correct file. I also use dropbox to send my clients the proofs and final images. I pretty much transfer everything on dropbox except money. 

  • I had the chance to shoot Riley Montana before the world saw how amazing she was

  • A few weeks ago I worked on a project with a really good friend of mine France, she runs a amazing women’s apparel company 141 Collective. Their mission is for every item purchased one item is donated to a person in need. When she contacted me about shooting I had, automatically said yes, but asked could we do something lifestyle fitness related. She agreed and we shoot at my studio and around downtown LA. 

    I was fortunate things worked out and she was interested in shooting her fitness line, because this year I am going to be focusing more of my shoots on lifestyle fitness. My pastor has been re-inforcing the message that 2015 is all about being your authentic self. For me that applies to so many parts of my life including my work. And that means me shooting more and more of what I truly connect with and doing it often. 

    You can see more of this shoot by clicking here:

  • Spent an afternoon at Santa Monica a few weeks ago 

  • Had an amazing experience traveling to Ireland in November, and wanted to share some of the images.