sell it, account for it and tell stories about it
EPISODE 7 - August 2017

This week I get to speak with Daryl Butler about his inspiring journey that started in finance to know working in marketing with some of the most influential brands and personalities in the world. Daryl's career has included stops at Boost Mobile, Nike, Jordan and now Director of Marketing at Beats by Dre.  In this podcast, we discuss how he birthed the idea for the viral award winning campaign "Straight Outta Somewhere" to promote the movie Straight Outta Compton. His curiosity about culture and what other people are passionate about, continue to inspire him.    

Some things you will learn in this podcast:

  • A team of folks challenging each other to come up with that best idea. You get challenged and that pulses up your thinking. [10:37]
  • Best advice he I'd ever had and I still carry it to this day, “Doesn't matter what you do in life, you have to be able to  be able to sell it, account for it and tell stories about it.” [13:42]
  • Four Tenants - Skill, Passion, Talent, Experience. You want to search for in your career and personal life is a balance between your passion, your talents,  your skills and your experiences. [20:30]
  • There is something to be gleaned from experiences that others have had that you have not had. That has proven invaluable. [23:49]
  • You market to create relationships with people you call your consumers[26:19]
  • The more you pay attention to details the easier the big picture starts to come into focus.  [33:08]
  • When you say you want to move at the speed of culture you can't slow down because culture doesn't slow down[44:03]
  • If you stay curious about what other people are passionate about you get to learn so much not only about the individual but about the world around us. To assume that everyone is going to see things through my lens is a poor assumption.  [53:23]
  • An idea doesn't just manifest itself between the hours of 9-5, it comes anytime inspiration comes from anywhere. [58:32]

Some questions I asked in this podcast:

  • When you made the transition from Finance to Sales did you have any fear of not being successful?  [15:43]
  • How the Straight Outta Compton marketing campaign was birthed “I’m Straight Outta Somewhere” {34:08]
  • What continues to keep you inspired? [48:53]

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