What is the narrative I’m creating For My Life
EPISODE 4 - february 3 2017

This week I speak with Dhane Scotti, EVP of Global Business at McCann and he discusses his incredible journey from intern to EVP running one of the largest advertising global accounts (Coca-Cola) before turning 35.  Dhane discusses diversity in advertising, the benefits of differentiating yourself and looking at your life as a narrative you are creating. 

Some things you will learn in this podcast:

  • Your success is my success  [18:38]
  • The more diverse the people behind telling the stories the better the stories [40:54]
  • I think of my life and career as a narrative and I want to figure out how am I going to retell this to someone  [57:18]
  • It's never the next job it's about the job after that  [1:02:57]
  • You should start by looking at the end of your life to make your resolution for now[1:11:53]

Some questions I asked in this podcast:

  • What things did you apply from your internship that helped get you promoted so quickly [31:27]
  • Times that were really challenging in your career and how did you handle those challenges {38:58]
  • What keeps you inspired and motivated [1:05:30]

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