EPISODE 9 - MAY 15, 2018

This episode I get to speak with Elton Anderson Jr about his journey from Corporate America to becoming a successful creative/commercial photographer. His career is a series of twists and turns that continue to evolve and inspire others to live in a place of gratitude.  Elton's mantra is a quote I  love, "Jump and develop your wings as you fall".

Powerful quotes in this podcast:

  • Take out the try and say you are [13:12]
  • I started focusing on what I wanted to do and that's the moment  that really changed my life [18:34] 
  • I'm not afraid to let everything go and start from the bottom [19:31]
  • Jump and develop your wings as you fall  [20:53]
  • Ultimately my artistry is a reflection of who I am becoming on the inside [39:51]
  • Money isn't alway the motivator it's the creative process that gets me there [43:32]
  • I am just so inspired by waking up every single day every day is just a reset buttonn and you can make whatever you want of the day that you desire [49:54]
  • If you can meet with Triumph and dissastor and treat those two impostors just the same [52:23]

Some questions I asked in this podcast:

  • How Elton taught himself how to shoot and build a rapport with someone he did not know in front of the camera  [6:46]
  • How Elton figure out how to navigate going from pharmaceutical sales to photography and make a living [15:47]

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