One Brick At A Time

EPISODE 11 - June 2018

Excited to share the latest episode of Creatives Talk. This time I am being interviewed by my wife. She knows my story the best so she was able to pull more out of me than I imagined about my journey from Corporate America to full time creative. 

Powerful quotes in this podcast:

  • It's kind of all those little pieces of people that poured into me that have shaped me into who I am today [5:29]
  • For every problem a solution presents itself  [16:50]
  • Anytime I’m faced with a problem I know that the solution will eventuall present itself you just have to look for it and not get frustrated  [17:23]
  • I play this mind game with myself that if I tell enough people then there is no turning back from this either [25:31]
  • It took me a while to really own what I was or what I was becoming and I don't think it was really until I owned it until I could confidently go into meetings and be like this is who I am this is what I represent [37:03]
  • Relationships are everything I know my career would not be where it is if not for all the relationships I’ve made [42:27]
  • I think for someone to be willing to pour into you they have to see something in you and they have to believe in you. You have to be willing to give to them too, it cant just be take take take so that what I try to do. I try to give as much as I can and I receive some much more back from my mentors [44:53]
  • Being an enturepuer you learn a lot about yourself you get tested a ton mentally. You build this callus in your mind that no matter what challenges you face no matter what obstacles you hit you are going to get through it [52:49]
  • No matter what anything worth building is going to take time and it’s going to take a lot of effort [56:31]

Some questions I asked in this podcast:

  • Lesson he learn to help land more meetings {38:45]
  • The time he meet Jay-z, but not shooting him [54:04]

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