If It Doesn't Keep You Up At Night
EPISODE 2 - January 12, 2017

This week for my second episode of creatives talk I speak with James Bland. James is a talented actor and director I met my first few months in LA. In this episode we will talk about how your success is not only connected to your skill set but also timing, signs that let you know you are on the right path, how to push through to the finish line even when you are discouraged and not being afraid to try things.

Some things you will learn in this podcast:

  • Always taking advantage of opportunities available to you [10:02]
  • How he promoted his first web series on his own with no money[15:25]
  • What are reminders that you are one the right path [25:03]
  • If it doesn't keep you up at night it's not your calling [37:16}
  • Not being afraid to try things [53:00]

Some questions I asked in this podcast:

  • Lessons learned from "Fail" First Web-series not be a hit show [22:02]
  • What is Giants The Series and why did you create it? {28:08]
  • How he was able to push through times when is was discourage over the 2 years of creating Giants[29:30]

Links mentioned:

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