EPISODE 6 - MAY 17, 2017

This week I get to speak with Kendrick Reid about his incredible career and how being himself has allowed others to identify the confidence that he possess which made it easy for networks to trust him to launch major rebranding campaigns. We talk about is tireless work ethic and unique ability to build the right team to execute a networks brand strategy.  Kendrick has worked with a variety of networks, from Disney to Bravo to Fuse, to Comedy Central and is now leading BET's creative service department as SVP Executive Creative Director Brand Strategy. I know that's a mouth full for a title but, once you hear his story you will understand why he has not only earned it but, created the title for himself.   

Some things you will learn in this podcast:

  • When an opportunity presented itself I took it  [3:06]
  • What caused his burn out and what he learned from it [11:10] 
  • How he rebrand Comedy Central [16:14]
  • The ability to put together teams the understand what brands need and matching it to the right team [22:49]
  • The universe always provides [25:13]
  • Knowing where we needed to take the brand required a team with more experience and exposure to different networks, so it required a sustaining overall hall to the current team [27:24]
  • If my mother didn't scream at my outfit then I knew I wasn't pushing the boundary so I go back up and change my outfit until she did scream at it. There was always a need to express myself [32:52]
  • In order to be great and successful you have to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you and more talented than you [33:52]
  • Find that thing you can amply about the show and find the thing that will appeal to our audience and put those two together and hope that will be the spark [39:24]
  • I’ve always been myself. There is a certain level of confidence people perceive when you are true to yourself. [46:40]

Some questions I asked in this podcast:

  • How difficult/different was it to launch a brand in Europe vs launching one in the US 30:14 Where do you think you got your work ethic come from [22:33]
  • Where there ever times you were intimidated by the size of the opportunity you were given throughout your career and how did you overcome that  [36:30]
  • How do you put your heart and soul into something you don’t always agree with? [38:15]

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