if it’s your life and it's your JOURNEY you own it

EPISODE 8 - MAY 1, 2018

This week I get to speak with Maurice "Mo" Marable about his remarkable career and how he has been able to continue to reinvent himself. Mo has pivoted several times throughout his career always leaving his mark throughout his journey.  Mo was first generation college student that had to tell his parents on two different occasions he was dropping out of school. His career had several twists and turns from serving in the military, to working for Spike Lee, to creating the opening sequence for HBO's Entourage, to directing episodes of Veep, Suits, The Game, and recently executive producing and directing all episodes of The Brockmire. Mo continues to push himself and his work without allowing ego to get in the way. 

Powerful quotes in this podcast:

  • No matter what you do in life, you have to own it. If you fail, it’s your failure if you succeed it’s your success [12:10]
  • When you want to succeed at something when you want to get educated it should be such a strong focus it could look like obsession [18:15] 
  • This is what is beautiful about the journey and when you let everyone in on your journey people help you find a way to get there [24:21]
  • To be a creator means disappointment  [26:58]
  • Anything great anything fresh has never happened with statue quo [28:31]
  • There is a moment that everybody else's success is not your success and there is a moment when you have to test your metal to see what more could you do [45:56]
  • You don't always do great work, sometimes you miscalculate. That's the thing about being a creative not to that believe everything you create is awesome, don't let your ego blind you   [55:41]

Some questions I asked in this podcast:

  • Spike Lee's influence on his decision to pursue directing [15:12]
  • How he created the opening / main title Sequence for HBO’s Entourage Series by breaking the traditional rules [42:09]
  • The 2008 market crash and how it impacted his business [52:03]
  • His rule about having people coming into the cutting room only being allowed to provide critical feedback [56:46]

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